Research Manager

Dr. Tuomo Tuikka has a long career both in ICT research and in software industry. Tuomo has a PhD on Computer System Support on Design using Virtual Prototyping from 2002. He has both academic and software industry background with experience from various parts of the world. After PhD and University of Oulu, he went to software industry, being responsible on R&D of a software product line. Currently he is a Research Manager at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland with responsibility on data-driven solutions research including e.g. in health and industrial domains. Dr. Tuikka is involved in many European and national research and innovation activities including big data, artificial intelligence, and software and services. He is a member of the board of software and services initiative NESSI European Technology Platform, participates International Data Space Association (IDSA) activities, and European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM). Furthermore, right after foundation of BDVA, Tuomo was a member of the board, currently participating mainly in Data Sharing activity group of BDVA.

11.00h - Towards a European Data Sharing Space: enabling Data Exchange to unleash full AI potential