Monday 14th

16:45h - 18:30h

Recent advancements in data science driven by the increasing availability of data and extended computational power will lead to the development of a new cyber-physical world where humans and machines evolve together. AI has already become pervasive in many sectors, such as healthcare, transport, energy, banking, telecom, insurance, digital platforms, defence and cybersecurity,…

As the impact of AI on our society is growing, we need to get ready to make it compatible with our values and needs. The public and private sector, in collaboration, must take this opportunity to steer the huge AI potential towards a better society and a sustainable future for Europe.

In this way, AI will be used to augment human intelligence, rather than replacing it. We will take up our responsibility to set the goals for AI development, and promote the winning combination of man and machine.

The panel aims to discuss recent initiatives, with a strong focus on the ethics guidelines issued by the High-Level Expert Group on AI. We will discuss the importance to make AI ethics actionable and will foster the discovery of good practices. Insights will be given from the preparation of the piloting phase and examples from industry and research will be shared.

The panel will also look into the lawfulness component of Trustworthy AI and will explore regulatory challenges. We will discuss the importance of adequate room for experimentation, in the form of regulatory sandboxes, as means for ensuring lawful and ethical AI and will examine the positive and negative impact of this approach for regulators, businesses and society.


Prof. Dr. Timo Honkela (University of Helsinki)


Prof. Dr. Timo Honkela (University of Helsinki)

Juha Heikkilä  (Head of Unit, DG CNECT A1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, EC)

Alexander Benítez Buenache (GMV)

Dr. Sonja Zillner (Siemens)

Marina Da Bormida (R&I Lawyer and Ethics Expert)

Sandra Särav (Bolt, TalTech(