Senior Researcher
Fraunhofer IAIS

Dr. Simon Scerri is a senior researcher at the Enterprise Information Systems department in Fraunhofer IAIS. He has over 15 years experience in exploring Linked Data and Knowledge Graph applications to strengthen and diversify Data Value Chains and realise various data infrastructures. Simon received his Ph.D. from the National University of Ireland, Galway (2011), where he also contributed to research efforts (2005–2013) at the affiliated Insight Centre for Data Analytics (formerly the Digital Enterprise Research Institute). Simon is also an ERCIM fellow alumnus. In Fraunhofer, Simon is responsible for research and industrial project acquisition and management and for maintaining strategic collaborations in the areas of data and AI. Amongst other responsibilities, Simon fulfilled the role of deputy coordinator in the H2020 CSA BigDataEurope (2015–2017) and since 2015 he represents Fraunhofer as a re-elected member of the Board of Directors for the Big Data Value Association, where he leads the activity group promoting advances in Data Sharing ecosystems.

11.00h - Towards a European Data Sharing Space: enabling Data Exchange to unleash full AI potential