Research coordinator
Politecnico di Milano

Sergio Gusmeroli (male) born in Sondrio (Italy) in 1961, he finalized his education at Politecnico di Milano in 1986. After several experiences in different branches of the ICT domain, in June 2000, he was appointed director and operating manager of the International Research & Innovation Unit of TXT e-solutions, an IT company leader in EU for Supply Chain management solutions. In TXT he coordinated diverse FP7 EC funded projects in the ICT for Manufacturing domain: COIN, MSEE, TELLME, FITMAN, OSMOSE. Since 2015, Sergio is a Research Coordinator for Politecnico di Milano and coordinating of the H2020 Factories of the Future PSYMBIOSYS project about Product-Service innovation ecosystems and of the BEinCPPS I4MS project about CPS/IOT and Industry 4.0. Currently, Sergio is involved in several projects related to Data Management for Manufacturing Industry, such as the BDV PPP BOOST 4.0 and DATABENCH projects and the FOF MIDIH and QU4LITY projects. He is author of more than 30 publications / papers in Italian and International magazines and conferences. His main areas of competence and experience include ICT for manufacturing, Internet of Things, Enterprise Interoperability, Future Internet technologies.

16:45h - Towards common EU Data Spaces in Manufacturing: an open source reference implementation

11.00h - Big Data in Smart Manufacturing Industry: Challenges and Recommendations