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Plenary Room

Jari Partanen (State Secretary Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment)

Keynote Session
Plenary Room

Roberto Viola (Director General, DG Connect, European Commission)

Machine Learning: a Fundamental Platform Technology
Risto Siilasmaa (Chairman of Board, Nokia)

Shaping the future with AI
Norbert Gaus (Executive VP, Siemens)



Moderator - Antti Vasara (President & CEO, VTT)

Gail Kent (Director DG Connect G. Data, EC)

Risto Siilasmaa (Chairman of Board, Nokia)

Norbert Gaus (Executive VP, Siemens)

Stefanie Lindstaedt (Chief Executive Officer, Know-Center GmbH, Graz)


Coffee Break

Moderators - Thomas Hahn (Siemens/BDVA) & Bernd Liepert (euRobotics)

Speakers Panel

Carl-Christian Buhr (Deputy Head of Cabinet, European Commission)

Kristiina Pietikäinen (Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Shivaji Dasgupta (Chief Digital Officer, AI & Smart Data, Deutsche Bank)

Michaela Milano (University of Bologna, VP of EurAI, SRIA-Lead AI4EU)

Tero Ojanperä (Chairman & Founder, Silo.AI)

Juha Heikkilä  (Head of Unit, DG CNECT A1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, EC)


Parallel Sessions

Trustworthy AI - Towards Actionable AI Ethics and “Better” AI Regulation
Plenary Room

Chair: Natalie Bertels (Legal Researcher, KU Leuven)

What is essentially human in the age of AI?
Timo Honkela (Professor, University of Helsinki)

European Commission’s perspective on ethics in AI
Juha Heikkilä  (Head of Unit, DG CNECT A1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, EC)

Identification and mitigation of biases in AI based systems. Practical results
Alexander Benítez Buenache (GMV)

Operationalization of AI ethics: guidelines and good practices & The opportunities of regulatory sandboxes
Sonja Zillner (Senior Key Expert, Siemens)
Marina Da Bormida (R&I Lawyer and Ethics Expert)

Data-driven Bioeconomy with Big Data and AI
Fennia I Room

Chair: Thanasis Poulakidas (Intrasoft)

Overview of DataBio project results
Thanasis Poulakidas (DataBio coordinator, INTRASOFT Intl)

The DataBio platform
Caj Södergård (Research Professor, VTT)

More precise wood supply through forest big data
Jarmo Hämäläinen (Research Director, Metsä-teho)

Data as the future food
Nesli Sözer (Research Professor, VTT)

A success story of applying big data in agriculture
Savvas Rogotis (Project Manager, Neuropublic)

Advancing the agri-food value chain from large scale deployment and integration of platforms
Kevin Doolin (Director of innovation, TSSG)

Q&A / Panel discussion - All

Big Data Driven Smart Connected Factories
Fennia II Room

Chair: Óscar Lázaro (Managing Director, Innovalia)

Boost 4.0 – The lighthouse initiative towards a European Industrial Data Space (EIDS)
Óscar Lázaro (Managing Director, Innovalia)

EFFRA Vision for manufacturing and examples of SME-driven innovation for robotics and AI
Riikka Virkkunen (Research Manager VTT, Factories of the Future (FoF) Public Private Partnership Board Co-Chair)

Data Sharing for Manufacturing Project: Effective data and IP management for sustainable, resilient, hyperconnected manufacturing ecosystems
Francisco Betti (Head of Advanced Manufacturing Industry, World Economic Forum)

Towards common EU Data Spaces in Manufacturing: an open source reference implementation
Sergio Gusmeroli (Research coordinator, Politecnico di Milano)
Christoph Mertens (Head of Adoption, International Data Spaces Association)

Digital twin large scale pilots enhancing the use of big data in the smart factory
Fernando Ubis (Research and Development Manager, Visual Components)

Big Data Challenges and AI Opportunities in the Autonomous Factories of the Future
Discussion (all speakers)

The Transforming Power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Mobility and Logistics
Nordia Room

Chair: Rodrigo Castiñeira (INDRA)

Transforming Transport (BDV PPP Lighthouse Project) 
Rodrigo Castiñeira (R&D Coordinator, Indra)

AI Opportunities in Mobility & Transport
Andreas Metzger (Head of Adaptive Systems and Big Data Applications, Paluno)

Big Data in Shift2Rail: CONNECTIVE and In2Stempo projects
Aneta Tumilowicz (Project Manager, Network Rail)

Create data-driven services from vehicle operating data. Findings from the projects AEGIS and EVOLVE
Alexander Stocker (Key Researcher & Project Manager, Virtual Vehicle Research Center)

The future of e-mobility empowered by Cross-CPP
Daniel Zelenka (Project Manager, Siemens)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: COMP4DRONES (ECSEL JU)
Reda Nouacer (Researcher, CEA)

Telecom as the Transformative Enabler for Innovation and Value Creation
Nautica Room

Chair: Leo Kärkkäinen (Nokia fellow, Nokia) & Robert Seidl (Research Manager, Nokia) Presentation

Machine learning in wireless systems
Visa Koivunen (Academy Professor, Aalto University)

Experiences of applying Machine Learning for OSS automation
Jukka-Pekka Salmenkaita (Director, Elisa)

AI-based Overbooking of 5G Networks
Xavier Costa-Pérez (Head of 5G Networks R&D, NEC Laboratories Europe)

5G will unleash data for the 4th industrial revolution
Lauri Oksanen (VP, Nokia)

Panel - The future of Telecommunication


Ieva Martinkenaite (VP, AI and IoT Business Development, Telenor)

Visa Koivunen (Academy Professor, Aalto University)

Jukka-Pekka Salmenkaita (Director, Elisa)

Xavier Costa-Pérez (Head of 5G Networks R&D, NEC Laboratories Europe)

Lauri Oksanen (VP, Nokia)

End of day 1
Networking banquet