Jaana Sinipuro


Project Director

Jaana Sinipuro is an experienced ICT professional who works as Project Director responsible for the IHAN – Human-driven data economy focus area and also sees to the final stages of the Digital Health HUB projects. The aim of Isaacus – the Digital Health HUB is to put Finland’s poorly managed and forgotten data reserves to better use to serve the needs of research, product development and leadership. The new IHAN® project expands the opportunities of data economy to develop a sector-neutral standard for consent-based exchange of information between various operators.

Jaana has more than 17 years’ experience in analytics, big data and business intelligence. If you have questions about the challenges business intelligence faces in the field of social welfare and healthcare, matters related to ICT or networks, give Jaana a call. The development of the dialogue between ICT professionals and substance specialists is the top priority for Jaana – she is happy to talk about this topic in both domestic and international events.

She is an accountancy professional and has worked in consulting, sales and sales support in an international company in the software industry. She has condensed her professional expertise in enterprise architecture and business intelligence in her book Tiedolla johtaminen toimialan murroksessa (Business intelligence in a transforming industry), published in 2013.

Jaana relaxes on horseback or on walks with her dogs. Every now and then, she renovates a 130-year-old wooden house in the Turku archipelago or gets her hands dirty in its old garden. The sea and the archipelago inspire her throughout the year.

In the future, robotics and artificial intelligence will replace basic work tasks. However, we will not be able to outsource thinking, human caring for others and live dialogue – we should therefore make an effort to improve those skills every day.

16:15 - 17:45 h
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