Tuesday 15th

16:15h - 17:45h

The European Strategy on AI cannot be elaborated without a clear understanding of the existing landscape, which is composed by the different players, startups ecosystems and initiatives working in AI at the level of each Member State. Furthermore, even though the potential opportunities of AI are undoubtedly enormous, they may vary from one country to another, even from one region to another. In fact, in most cases, such strategy and the related investments are dependent on the available scientific excellence (robotics, ML, multilingual technologies…) as well as the economic sectors that create more growth and jobs.

In this session you will get insights on some of the AI Strategies defined at National level, the process different MS are following to build them and their vision on how AI should be pushed forward in Europe.

After an initial round of presentations from different countries, our panellists will be invited to debate on their views about the priorities already highlighted in documents like the “Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda for an AI PPP” (Joint Initiative by BDVA and EU-robotics), the “Policy and Investment Recommendations for Trustworthy AI” and the “Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI” published by the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence set up by the European Commission. Both of them available through the European AI Alliance.

Defining a European Strategy on AI without understanding the views of Member States would be like building a house by starting with the roof.


Nuria de Lama (European Programs Manager, Atos; BDVA Board of Directors)


Nuria de Lama (Atos)

Ilona Lundström (Ministry for Economic Affairs and Employment Finland)

Henk Jan Vink (Managing Director, TNO, Netherlands)

Björn Hovstadius (Manager, RISE, Sweden)

Allan Hanbury (Professor of Data Intelligence at

Institute of Information Systems Engineering, TU Wien Vienna University of Technology)

Regine Gernert (Program Manager and

International Relations, DLR Germany)

Julia Gundlach (International Affairs Forum

Digital Technologies, DFKI GmbH, Germany)

Ludovic BODIN (Managing Partner, Kalibrio Capital/Chair International Investment, France AI Hub/Co-founder, European Applied AI)