Tuesday 15th

16:15h - 18:00h

The session explores the state of play and challenges concerning interoperability of big data value chains. This includes the interoperability of the sources from IoT to Open data, but also how to add metadata in order to comply with regulatory and business requirements.

The session is supposed to be technical and interactive, but that depends on the public.

Arne Berre
Chief Scientist, SINTEF

ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 42 has an ambitious work programme. Arne Berre will decode that for us with a strong view on interoperability. The goal is to allow people to have a first dive into their work and where it may serve interoperability in data value chains.

Sabrina Kirrane
Senior researcher, Vienna University

Sabrina Kirrane will talk about data management via metadata. Mere data interoperability is not enough. We also need semantic interoperability to ensure compliance and address legal and business requirements. Sabrina shows how to do that using the tools developed by the SPECIAL project. SPECIAL had a focus on privacy, but the system can be generalized.

Interoperability and AIOTI

Franck Boissière from the European Commission DG CNECT E4 (Internet of Things) will report on standardisation and interoperability in AIOTI. As many small streams make big data, the idea is to see how we deal with interoperability from the sensor to the data lake.